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A Brief Summary - 30/7/20

First of all, I'm sorry this post was published a bit later than usual. I had a good nap though! Secondly, this time with Mr Merdianto... Job Vacancies Today, in our usual Thursday English-Core class with Mr Merdianto, we learned about job vacancies, and how to apply to companies with vacancies with a letter and a CV. We mainly talked about what's in a job vacancy letter and a CV, and soon enough we were set with our tasks of finding a job vacancy add with these conditions: Must be in English Experience needed must not exceed 3 years Must be relevant to your actual career choice Easy enough, I thought. Sure enough, I quickly found myself a government job vacancy in an Arizonian city which was more or less tied to my preferred career path: accounting. That's right, ya boi here be doin them ledgers*. After I forwarded it to Mr Merdianto for his approval, I simply started writing the letter. I'd upload my letter here but...I can't seem to find a way to upload .doc file