A Brief Summary - 16/7/20

Ah yes, being an English-Extended student of Mr Merdianto during my sophomore year, I already knew how strict his classes are with his seemingly never-ending list of rules. Therefore, it was in my good interest to prepare as soon as possible even though I actually came in one minute late (shush, don't tell him).

Oh wait, where are my manners? Please do allow me to introduce myself. My name is Alfiza "Fizzy" Rahman, but you'll find me on all the socials as fizzy_lafizz. I'm an intrepid student in his senior year of high school. I currently reside in the Greater Jakarta Metropolitan Area with my family.

Continuing on, as part of my assigned task I have to write this blog you're reading right now. As per usual with Mr Merdianto's classes, those who are late are not allowed to join the class, which is the exact reason why about 5 of my classmates did not attend the first session. Shucks, at least next time, they'll understand to not be late. Mr Merdianto went over the rules which I have grown accustomed to as I myself was a victim of his strict rules when I forgot to turn in my task. He continued by having us introduce ourselves. I, being a stuck-up international <redacted>, decided to fake an Arab accent, not knowing how absolutely annoying it was.

Self-deprecating humour aside, I believe we mainly focused on phrases for asking and giving help. Pretty standard, I think to myself. We mainly discussed dialogues about asking and giving help, and then we were shown example phrases to ask or give help and to accept or deny someone's offer to help.

Finally, we were told to partner up. We were told to create our own dialogue in which we had to ask for help and also give help. I partnered up with my best friend, Dwita. We came up with the following:

Dwita: Hey Fiza, can you help me out please?

Fiza: Umm…I’m a bit busy right now…

Dwita: Oh come on, I really need your help

Fiza: Okay fine, what’s up?

Dwita: Okay so I still don’t understand what I need to do for my geography, maths, economics, business studies, PE and history homework. Can you help me out?

Fiza: In the name of God and all that is holy, (in exaggerated voice) why do you have all that homework due?

Dwita: Ask me no questions, I will tell you no lies.

Fiza: Fine. Exactly what do you need help with?

Dwita: For maths, I need help with solving quadratics using the quadratic equation and circle theorems, as for economics I need help with figuring out tax rates, geography—

Fiza: Enough. Uh, we’ll just go through them as we go alright? You don’t need to list out EVERYTHING you need to do.

Dwita: Okay, sounds good to me!
That's it. I honestly don't know what else to say. Have a good day.


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