A Brief Summary - 17/7/20

Friday. Perhaps one of my most favourite days because it's nearly the weekend and also the fact that today's lessons are super chill. I only have Maths, English-Extended, Music and Accounting on Fridays - all of which I really find interesting and...lax.

As per usual with English with Mr Merdianto, be it Core or Extended, I have to write a brief summary of the lesson and post it to this lovely blog. It's not just me who has to write a blog - all of my classmates both in Core and Extended have to write our own personal blogs. I honestly feel a bit bad for Mr Merdianto as there are at least 80 students in my year group, all with our own individual blogs that he has to read and grade. Thus, this will be a bit short. Mainly to preserve Mr Merdianto's sanity. Although I find it a hobby to write my feelings, typing away, clackity-claking away on my keyboard, I also have to mind my teacher's sanity. I don't need them to go crazy over the amount of work they need to grade.

Personal feelings aside, in this English-Extended class, we learned this new-fangled thing called "Cause and Effect Phrases". To be honest, though, I don't remember anything about the actual topic of what we learned today but I definitely remember what we were talking about.

It also appears to be a trend now that Mr Merdianto is asking us to partner up into partners or groups to make dialogues. And post whatever we come up with. On our blogs. On the public internet. I can only hope that Mr Merdianto does not share this post to his colleagues although I don't really mind. Hello Mr Merdianto's colleagues from all around the world!

Here's what my group and I came up with in, more or less, half an hour:
Amel: The government does not know what they are doing. Do you know about the sea pollution at Lombok?
Fiza: No.
Mappa: Nope. Nothing.
Amel: Okay so there are 110 thousand tonnes of trash being thrown out into the ocean every day by mining companies
Mappa: Well, that’s a bummer. That’s quite a lot of pollution…are the waters brown over there?
Fiza: I bet.
Amel: Well, not brown per se. Just polluted. So polluted that it’s killing the fish and destroying the local fisheries industry.
Mappa: I see. Is there anything that the government is doing?
Fiza: No, that’s impossible. The government is so idiotic and so poorly-run that they won’t be able to do anything about it.
Mappa: That is true. Exactly what is the pollution doing to the local industries?
Amel: Oh, nothing. Except for the fact that locals have reported that there is less fish in the sea, thus less food on the table, thus starvation.
Fiza: That’s not “nothing”.
Amel: Sarcasm. Learn it. You’ll need it in life.
Fiza: Well, I mean, not everyone understands sarcasm.
Amel: That’s not the point. The point is that these huge mining conglomerates are ruining local life.
Mappa: Well, what can we do about it?
Fiza: More importantly, why are you so riled up about it?
Amel: (sighs) Ugh, it’s just that the rich are getting richer while stepping on the poor. As for things we can do…(brief silence)
Amel: Overthrow the government, remove the oppressors, take back control of—
Fiza: Amel! You do realise that what we’re discussing now is being uploaded to our blogs, right?
Amel: (screaming)
Fiza: Right. Stop screaming or the psychiatric hospital is where we’re off to next.

That's it. I honestly don't know what else to say. Have a good day. 


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  2. Awesome! I dont mind reading my students' blog even they are hundreds :)


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