A Brief Summary - 23/7/20

Back with Mr Merdianto again. Asking and Giving Help again. Class started out on time as per usual, starting out with Mr Merdianto asking why we have to follow the curriculum. I answered with whatever was on my mind, "It's the curriculum, isn't it? It's what the government wants us to do".

Looking back, I should've continued on a rant about how the government is run by absolute nobheads.

That aside, we were given an audio from BBC's Learning English about how a woman asks for her colleague to take care of her cat while she is gone to Vietnam. Then, we were split up into partners to have a conversation. I was partnered up with Alya. We had to make an impromptu conversation about whatever Mr Merdianto gave us. Alya and I happened to be given the topic of "comet" with "comet" meaning any extra-terrestrial body (it seemed).

We failed. Because of me. I'm sorry, Alya, I truly am.

So that means I had to retry with a different partner, and so I did. I partnered up with Ijul this time around, and before Mr Merdianto came to record our conversation we agreed on having a super dry conversation but super short and choppy and thus done and dusted in 30 seconds tops. Did it take a beating to our score? Perhaps. Am I relieved though? Definitely.

After recording all of our conversations, we all merged back together into the main room and we were given a Quizizz link. Remember the BBC audio we had to listen to earlier? Turns out, the Quizizz was about said audio. I initally got a score of 4/5 because I wasn't ready. Therefore, I secretly did the Quizizz again*.

That's it. I honestly don't know what else to say. Have a good day.

*no I didn't. Mr Merdianto was fully aware I was going at it again.


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