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A Brief Summary - 07/8/2020

 English-Extended with Mr Merdianto on Fridays. You know the drill. Prepositional Phrases Let me just preface this post by saying I'm sorry if this post sounds a bit rough - I haven't had my morning shower and my eyes itch like crazy. Prepositional phrases - basically, phrases with a preposition in them. For example: The cat in the middle is the cutest My mother had always wanted to live in a cabin by a lake There are many types of prepositional phrases: Adjectival Describes the noun Adverbial Describes the verb As a noun Heaven knows how to describe it. Just look at these examples: During the national anthem  is the worst time to blow your nose After the game  will be too late for us to go to dinner That's it. I honestly don't know what else to say. Have a good day. About Fizz | Email Fizz

Internal Screams of Giddiness

What's that? A title other than "A Brief Summary"? Today with Mr Merdianto, we had our mock interviews. Well, some of us did. I think I went up first because nearly immediately after we went into our rooms, Mr Merdianto joined mine. *insert internal screaming of unpreparedness* Mr Merdianto said that the interview will be recorded and perhaps uploaded onto YouTube. *insert internal screaming of nervousness and unpreparedness* Right. I tried to stall for time by saying that I wasn't ready but then again, it was just a mock interview. It's not for a real job. I said to myself, "Eh, why not?" and just plunged straight into it. I was horrible. I had to take long pauses, my phone went off (I forgot to set it to silent) and my brother walked in and made me break my focus. As for the questions themselves, well, simple but because I was nervous I was barely able to say anything that would make me look nice in an actual interview. The interview itself lasted for