A Brief Summary - 07/8/2020

 English-Extended with Mr Merdianto on Fridays. You know the drill.

Prepositional Phrases

Let me just preface this post by saying I'm sorry if this post sounds a bit rough - I haven't had my morning shower and my eyes itch like crazy.

Prepositional phrases - basically, phrases with a preposition in them. For example:
  • The cat in the middle is the cutest
  • My mother had always wanted to live in a cabin by a lake
There are many types of prepositional phrases:
  • Adjectival
    • Describes the noun
  • Adverbial
    • Describes the verb
  • As a noun
    • Heaven knows how to describe it. Just look at these examples:
      • During the national anthem is the worst time to blow your nose
      • After the game will be too late for us to go to dinner
That's it. I honestly don't know what else to say. Have a good day.


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